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Surtax of catering trade sewage is decreased 5 into
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The government already finished the surtax of sewage of industry and commerce that self-criticism pollutes serious industry 30 times, among them 14 industries include catering trade, because its pollute degree to be improved considerably, surtax can be obtained reduce, the catering trade that pays most surtax with capture is exemple, surtax is expected to reduce not over 5 into. And complete harbor next month rises one day, blowdown cost will raise 9.3% .

Open De Mingqu to change water system park

○ of canal Wu arrange 6 to ○ 7 years of collection -1444759936 yuan of surtax, come from catering trade most probably. Every surtax of cubic sewage is uptodate food industry the Eight Immortals in the legend of 3 yuan of 7 horn, canal Wu office is main with sewage medium chemical oxygen demand is evaluated collect fees level, numerical value heals tall, collect fees more expensive. The message points to, the sewage chemistry oxygen demand of industry in recent years by 2000 decrease to 1000 to 1005, estimation surtax level is decreased won't over 5 into.

Additional, open De Mingqu to plan blue print head spends exposure, full-length 600 meters upper reaches paragraph, a paragraph of police station of close yellow big celestial being 300 Mi Mingqu will be enclothed. The sign of canal Wu office that is about to retire grows Huang Zhijiang yesterday with medium express when meeting, the rainbow path of police station of close yellow big celestial being stops a station to often take up because of the bus car line, cause traffic to push a place of strategic importance, reason has need to enclothe bright canal, vacate clearing to build a bus to stand, but the rest of bright canal not must enclothe.

And after build bus stands the rest of clearing, can build water system park, carry running water ceaseless, as to whether bright canal make Qing Xichuan, yellow point to should consider multinomial factor, the most important it is safe, when meeting heavy rain because of becoming, bright canal water level is met zoom, the citizen may not in the place amuse oneself can be seasonable scattered.

Bright canal both sides can be planted more full plant, set couch to supply citizen have a rest, water system park and Dongguangdaoyi Duan Mingqu is linked together, heart airport is opened before elongate comes all the time by open De Mingqu to be imported, become a nearly 3000 meters long water course repeatedly, the busy streets of 9 dragon area is medium southeast thrust deep into the enemy forces.

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