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Hotel skin of 9 buildings wall falls off break 7 cars property bad to express to
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3 days 12 when make 40 minutes, in area of the hillock austral Harbin city on the west big straight market 514 " hotel of business affairs of big letter attempt " downstair, 7 cars by the hotel the wall skin that falls off outside 9 buildings is bungled in.

The reporter hears the news when hurrying to the spot, 7 car be breakinged have not leave the scene, the wall outside 9 buildings grows this building one piece about 2 rice, wide the about 1.5 ceramic tile of rice had fallen off, ceramic tile and concrete shiver are on the ground. The reporter sees in the spot, this hotel relies on furnace to provide 5 cars of the downstair park of alley a side to already was bungled to get bruise again and again, the Che Feng of lucky abundant business affairs of name brand blocks the APU781 that hang distant glass is bungled to crack, glass of windscreen of black AC9074 date minibus is smashed, glass and concrete shiver scatter inside cab, of minibus of miniature of black AA0575 date Songhua River on the right side of bodywork is broken, top of calash of biscuit of black L25951 date red is bungled to move the small hole of palm size, glass of windscreen of around of car of Lai of Buddha of snow of distant C21966 date red all is smashed, also be bungled to give many small hole on bodywork. At the back of of 5 cars, a park mixes not to overcome the destiny that the car also fails to escape to be broken in this cropland car of roadside, place favour is not serious.

Introduce according to gentleman of driver the first month, at that time, he stops minibus in the hotel to wait for a person downstairs, with a loud crash blare, he feels minibus abruptly flash. The car examines ability to discover below the gentleman of the first month of somehow, hotel skin of the wall outside 9 buildings fell off one chunk, not only 6 his car, cars on the side also were broken, did not injure a person fortunately.

Reporter and car advocate people found the Harbin that is in charge of managing this building together 9 hair property runs limited company. This company director expresses, be broken to car be related, property company will maintain damage car according to car damage level, or have corresponding compensation.

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