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Anonym card hides height archives hotel
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In another 3 · during day of 15 consumer rights and interests is coming -- , on Feburary 22, from Chongqing discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau comes out message: The sign of high-grade dress existence that the clothing store inside the hotel of famed star class such as source of gold of Hilton, century sells the our city is promiscuous circumstance, be suspected of con consumer. And before this, the our city still has the clothing store inside hotel of class of much home star to sell " famous brand imports dress " be complained by consumer, doubt is like fake.

Afore-mentioned astral class hotels are in global passenger and Chongqing citizen mouth, always enjoys extremely high public praise; However the hotel manages accessorily a few " avocation " , expose to the sun again and again however sell false information. Compare terminal of new a sale as the citizen, whether is the channel of replenish onr's stock of accessary shop in high-grade hotel the gray region that nobody superintend? Amid, whether to still have older feline dirt? Taking a variety of question, the reporter undertook investigating to hotel of our city part.

Import dress without what producing area marks

On Feburary 29 morning, the Hilton that the reporter will come to be located in two crossing Department of Commerce of business affairs center, walk into the name is " Yalisiduo is depended on " brand clothing store, jacket of a suit aroused the reporter's interest. Break up at will, show at the back of RMB symbol model of written characters " forteen thousand eight hundred " the number lets reporter mind be tightened; Look again on the side one is contained " Shui Laimao " the jacket that the skin gets, the price also is held out to 10 thousand yuan into.

According to " Yalisiduo is depended on " clothing store clerk introduces, this brand dress is Italian famous brand, in home the hotel of 5 stars class of other area also has a sale. The price is the company is united, both neither is hit fold, also do not depreciate at will processing.

The reporter is crossing the bath mark of the dress inside inn at will, 8 when include Guangzhou, Shenzhen and foreign and other places in producing area choose casing inside, did not discover tick off fix place of production. Immediately, the reporter asks dress producing area to counterjumper, two salesgirl hesitated a little while, looked each other, go away to tell source at the same time at the same time " Guangzhou " . According to divulging, the suit value of this brand dress is in more 10 thousand yuan of above, price of the T-shirt, sweater also differs to 6000 yuan in 3000 yuan.

Subsequently, the reporter arrives " Yalisiduo is depended on " on " CEC " brand clothing store is visited. Counterjumper is informed, this brand is Italian famous brand, but produce in Guangzhou. Price of this trademark business suit also is controlled in 7000 yuan, price of the T-shirt, sweater is controlled 3000 yuan.
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