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The join forces on ave of 4 security personnel catchs the public house thief
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2 days of evening, in the ave austral Yantai city inside inn of a snack, one thief the handbag spirit away Qingdao Ms. Liu, after be being discovered, thief escaped south on the ave, ms. Liu edge chases after an edge to cry, 4 security personnel of an around hotel move in time to be aided, join forces seizes thief and twist send to police station.

Occupy Ms. Liu to tell, she came to Yantai from Qingdao recently amuse oneself, 2 days of evening were controlled at 6 o'clock, she and friend come to the ave austral Yantai city inn of a snack, when the friend goes ordering dishes, she puts black handbag by the seat to await, just put down before long, a spirit away before 20 years old of male youths of the left and right sides go up handbag, and apace goes to dining-room flee to other country, after Ms. Liu called a friend, chased rapidly. Thief discovers somebody is chased, run to the ave, swung Ms. Liu very quickly.

Thief along south change goes ave footpath, be about to escape soon, an around hotel is helping the security personnel xiao that the client backs a car always rise the yelp that heard Ms. Liu, look up see a boy is mad run, his stretch one's legs goes tying thief, but thief bypasses run among ave of his Xiang Na, he calls up 3 colleagues to be chased together rapidly. Handbag of thief fluster lieutenant general is refuse, xiao some hurries pick up handbag, not a little while, those 3 colleagues are among the driveway pressed thief, 4 individual join forces twist thief send to north on the west ave police station.

According to be on duty policeman introduction, lower primary school is stolen since in order to take complex package refus does not admit theft, after tone took kinescope of snack inn monitoring, thief discharge gas. At present thief already was detained by criminal, this case is in farther cognizance.

Xiao always rises tell a reporter, when seeing that male youth runs to him at that time, the only think of a way in brain seizes this weapon namely. Ms. Liu says, there is 1200 in the bag multivariate camera of a cash, number still has a certain number of bank card and certificate, if not be good intention person and policeman,help, she leaves Yantai very will sadly, she thankses to good intention person through our newspaper.

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