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Safety deals with no time to delay of eat hutch rubbish
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[The current situation] health of influence of eat hutch rubbish and environment

Raise the rapid development with tertiary industy ceaselessly as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, guesthouse, restaurant, food machines a dot to wait for grow in quantity of year after year of meal estate unit, the generation of eat hutch rubbish and deserted edible grease is measured also year after year increases. Eat hutch rubbish and deserted edible grease had become influence people health and the main factor with safe surroundings. According to statistic, course of study of meal of our country city arises every year " ground channel is oily " had exceeded 5 million tons with frying oil, year the vegetable oil that drains 12 million tons also produces offal acidification oil directly 2.5 million tons. Mix in deserted edible grease have many sewage, rubbish, scour, via illegal treatment, it is essential cannot of purify bacterium and harmful and chemical composition, after its are fried through turning over Fu deepfry, boil for many times, contain many carcinogenic substance.

[Reason] it is difficult to legislation is unsound normative managing

Job of processing of eat hutch rubbish is a very meticulous system project, its involve an area wide, harmonious unit is much, fluidity of team controlling use is great, personnel is complex, it is more difficult that standard, management rises, although the concerned management department such as inspect of ability of sanitation of environmental protection, industrial and commercial, public security, agriculture, economy, food, quality is mixed of whole society in coordination management and support energetically, the effect is not ideal still. Although receive carry to have the demand of legal laws and regulations to wasting oil, but there always are much question and flaw in be being operated actually, useless grease controls use and did not achieve expectant goal.

[Proposal] make administrative measure publish favourable policy

Draft resolution appeal is passed in the center of stage alliance, to protect an environment better, ensure people health, adopt active way management and the generation that control eat hutch rubbish, reasonable safety deals with eat hutch rubbish and deserted edible grease already no time to delay.

Make as soon as possible " eat hutch rubbish and measure of government of processing of deserted edible grease " . Specific provision holds card mount guard to execute all bout to receive deserted edible oil by technical company, use special is carried, calm dot undertakes concentration, harmless change processing; Increase what handle enterprise, project to eat hutch rubbish to give aid to, publish a few favourable policy that give aid to eat hutch rubbish handles an enterprise to develop as soon as possible; Proposal country environmental protection and environmental sanitation branch, the harm sex that causes to person health with respect to deserted edible grease begins extensive social conduct propaganda, the environmental protection consciousness that raises social community and eat hutch rubbish unite the consciousness that receives carry, concentration to handle.
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