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Emerald green happy hotel: Construction lets me very get hurt
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"I do not know crossroads builds what model after all now, manage generation to the hotel for certain nevertheless adverse effect. " emerald green happy hotel legal person says so on behalf of Ma Zijiang, introduce according to him, small on the west the whole sealing construction of crossroads of door curvature of the spinal column is emerald green happy hotel with the area south, project emerald green the traffic of happy hotel entrance was blocked up completely, guest discharge substantially acute is decreased. The car of the bus of a lot of journey groups, guest that attends the meeting closes to be entered as a result of traffic do not come hotel.

Plan originally emerald green the guest of happy hotel, because construction causes the effect of the dust all round the hotel, noise, must abandon emerald green happy hotel, choose staying hotel afresh. The time limit for a project of about the same half an year will give emerald green happy hotel causes very big loss.

Build the following condition to crossroads, the horse always expresses to be managed to the hotel not allow hopeful. Ask about when the reporter: "Crossroads of curvature of the spinal column may be become with distinctive modelling small on the west the one place landscape of the door, sell a site newly when a when can the public house become after building? " Mazong denied immediately the reporter's judgement, he does with west station crossroads say quite: "My home lives by west station crossroads, after west station crossroads builds, living quality drops, circumjacent business is spread very cold and cheerless, at ordinary times traffic noise lets a person very worry. " as to whether to become landscape, horse overview polarity, he expresses: "If crossroads has 967 meters tall, can obscure at least emerald green happy hotel the light of 4 buildings, come so, cannot see landscape not only, held off the line of sight instead, held off original landscape. " the horse always expresses, when crossroads building, became a shopping mall to affirm general merchandise of city, Woerma, beautiful to grand sight commerce day to wait shop advantageous, and the hotel is not such, living environment is very important, good commercial environment may not is perfect living environment.

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