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Discover hotel hidden trouble can dial a phone to inform against
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Area of Safe Operation of hotel of class of 2008 year star discusses the Fuzhou City that report from our correspondent holds yesterday divulge, want restaurant of class of all to whole town star to undertake safe hidden trouble is big are checked this year, if citizen or tourist discover place enters hotel side to decorate an edge to do business, scattered without safety of setting fire control mark and safe exit are illogical of free, can dial a telephone 83338169 undertake informing against.

Violate the astral class hotel of compasses phenomenon to existence above, citizen or tourist can dial bureau of tourism of the Fuzhou City to inform against a phone 83338169 inform against; When be being consumed to food having in astral class restaurant, discover food epinosic, also can inform against to various and wholesome supervisory branch.

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