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Cloth auspicious hides inside one village many black hotel
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A hotel has 90 square metre only actually, 9 guest room still can hide inside. The reporter is interviewed in cloth auspicious investigation yesterday, discovery hides inside a few community many black hotel, a few without fire control establishment, fire control passageway more as maze, hidden danger of fire control safety nots allow to ignore.

Black hotel leaves to well balanced in public security on

According to the condition that the citizen reflects, the reporter comes to cloth auspicious yesterday midday street enter the water diameter community. It is at the door community, the third floor on public security police box has a hotel inside a house owned by a citizen, this hotel does not have line out name, just be below the building end up a billboard, writing above " accommodation asks on 3 buildings, air conditioning hot water is set to rush inside cool, independent toilet, 15 yuan rise " model of written characters, still sticking on the iron gate of a house owned by a citizen " offer day to hire, the month is hired, long-term take on lease " .

Walking into a house owned by a citizen is a stair first, although be afternoon right now 1 when, but it is however inside stair dim. Stair is very narrow, about 30 centimeters wide, two people cannot walk side-by-side. Take 3 floors, entrance door of left a house owned by a citizen appeared again " accommodation is entered please " model of written characters. Because the gate is opened wide, the reporter went in directly. Taking an entrance door is a long and narrow corridor, sticking on the door 301, 302... through the door that open, the reporter sees many rooms do not have a window, sending out sultrily inside peculiar smell.

This a house owned by a citizen about 90 square metre, guest room depends on corridor both sides and repair, the reporter is counted 308 when had come to the kitchen, corridor also goes to the end it seems that, but did not see fire extinguisher and fireplug from beginning to end, more never mention it flee for one's life the door. "Do you want to rent a house? " at this moment one person went: "She should be in 309 rooms. " still have actually 9 rooms? The reporter discovered door of a young timber by kitchen gas-jar, push inside do not have as expected " hole day " , long and narrow room is put only below one piece of single bed, do not have even standing room, hostess is bending over to change a sheet on the bed.

The course asks, the reporter is informed, these little guest room every hire differs to 40 yuan from 15 yuan, if the word of long-term take on lease is OK still cheaper. Can you have execute the law will sectional person check? "Be at ease, when arriving, I close the entrance door, everybody is entered do not come. " the boss says to the reporter.

Steel tube locks up window passageway to be like maze

Subsequently, the reporter is located in community of Bujironghua's wayside phoenix end hole again. Upstairs be in a supermarket, the reporter saw the sign of auspicious Xin guesthouse. Go to ask, the price arrives in a few yuan 100 multivariate differ.
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