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Hainan of business nation force complains in: 5 stars hotel changes without the
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The Spring Festival Hainan that force of a nation of 4 business in costing more than yuan 20 thousand to attend organizes swims, after arriving, discover accommodation condition and journey all did not amount to contract requirement however: Accommodation became hotel of affirmatory 5 stars class not to have a star or shrink of tourist attraction of two stars, amuse oneself, ground receives an unit to check without aptitude, this is this year first day of the lunar year arrives first travel encounters 5 Mr Yang gentlemen.

Yesterday (3 days of) , in with in business nation force negotiates claim for compensation many days to was not amounted to after agreeing, 10 tourists such as Mr Yang are complained to city tourism bureau, at present place of qualitative inspect of city tourism bureau already intervened investigation.

Room of hotel of 5 stars class runs " without the star "

10 tourists of this tourism group come from 3 family, mr Yang a 4 people, additional two share 6 people. This year on January 14, mr Yang and in inn of retail sales of Xidan of business nation force signs travel contract, attend first day of the lunar year to come first 5 (came on Feburary 7 on Feburary 11) by a definite date 5 days " 5 stars come Hainan honour VIP is pure astral force " , the travel expenses of delivery of Mr Yang home is 20840 yuan.

The travel contract that Mr Yang and travel agent sign shows, their accommodation condition is whole journey between standard of 5 stars two-men.

Late on Feburary 7, mr Yang enplanes from capital airport the discovery after arriving at big talk, the standard of room of hotel of 5 stars class of travel agent acceptance did not cash. "We are called sunshine century apartment into the hotel that live in big talk, the doorway does not have astral class mark at all. " Mr Yang says, they refuse, receive square refuse to budge to arrive with the ground that evening much at 11 o'clock. Consider later along with the child of travel, just acquiesce occupy here.

The reporter understands, in 5 days of journeys, these 10 member entered 3 public houses in all: Be located in the sunshine century apartment of big talk, be located in flourishing lunar bay to go vacationing village and be located in 3 inferior 3 inferior beautiful hotel. Bureau of tourism of big talk city says, the meeting on the list of astral class hotel of the tourism bureau website that saves in this city and Hainan is listed and all the name of astral class hotel. Check discovers after the reporter, newest mix without sunshine century apartment in the list of astral class hotel that publish lunar bay goes vacationing village, 3 inferior beautiful the hotel is hotel of class of a 2 stars.

The ground receives an unit to check without aptitude

The person such as Mr Yang says, 8 days of mornings after 7 o'clock, 10 member are gone to afore flourishing when because take a car,jam and ground receive unit happening issue, after to big talk tourism bureau is complained, they discover innocently, the ground receives precatory of business nation force in the unit does not have lawful aptitude at all.
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