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Chaperon destroys hotel room appliance to opened house man to become scapegoat
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One male 2 female eve enter Wu Chang 81 some is big on the road after the hotel, because both sides of male and female produces contradiction, brought about two women to damage intentionally the appliance of hotel room, the Zheng that opens a room surnamed a man to pay 4000 yuan of compensation to the hotel. Yesterday, one manageress assistant weighs this hotel, acknowledge a mistake in view of the other side the mood is better, the hotel just decides to be found out no longer.

According to this hotel two become a staff member to introduce, 2 days in the morning 5 when make, a man of Zheng surname this locality was taking two women to open a room to the hotel, room of downstage at that time distributive is 5268. Before long, zheng surname man produces contradiction with two women. Wait for him to go out when handling affairs, two women ask total information desk returns room deposit. But, when the clerk asks by the regulation its produce cash pledge sheet, they are taken however do not come out, returned a room very furiously. After 40 minutes, they left a public house.

The assistant of a manageress of this hotel says, man of the surname that wait for Zheng does come to an end when returning a room, was stupefied by the spot immediately: The sofa of the room, bedding, bedding is complete by knife lacerate, the lead of the television by clipping, television by fill water, a few cups are thrown into closestool... immediate loss exceeds 10 thousand yuan. Not only such, two women still wait for the food in guest room, water, appliance consumable to be whirled entirely. Zheng surnames a man to dare not assume responsibility, sneak away secretly gave a hotel. But passed a little while, he returns a public house again, the id card that because open a room,uses kept his number. He looks for hotel controller actively to admit one's mistake, request to be compensated for a bit lesser as far as possible. Via talking things over, he paid 4000 yuan of compensation finally.

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