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Car out of control bumps into cafeteria 2 people injury
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When preparation driving to leave after have dinner of a deadbeat, abrupt out of control bumps into car somehow into cafeteria, contuse two men, cafeteria also is bumped to get everywhere a scene of devastation meets the eye.

Two person that hurt are cafeteria deadbeat and employee respectively, their the condition of an injury is serious, send a hospital rescue by the car that save an injury.

Driver of cause an accident (60 years old) after getting into trouble, the fuzz that is driven to come is taken away, assist investigation.

This accident nowadays early 10 when 30 minutes, in clever city road of 5/44 of 8 dozens of clever gardens happens inside an India cafeteria.

Car driver is this cafeteria constant period client, after he is like haunt cafeteria have dinner this morning, to distance cafeteria the position of 20 呎 takes a car to prepare to leave, expect when engine of his car that start, somehow car dash forward oil be steppinged on and rush forth, crash the ability after cafeteria kitchen and another car of park stops.

When the accident, share more than 10 people to be inside cafeteria, all by at the moment alarmingly dangerous one act is aghast, alarmed and escape.

As we have learned, because of,have a deadbeat and stuff dodge not as good as, be bumped into to serious injury, latter send a hospital cure by the car that save an injury.

After traffic accident, the glass in cafeteria, desk and chair and bowl dish also broken up, scatter full ground. Nevertheless driver of cause an accident believes to fear, all the time not dare outside pace dispatch a vehicle, till police arrival just takes away him, return police station investigation.

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