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Talk about dining-room to serve formal I you
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Gu Qing of school of trade of Inner Mongolia classics

Modern society meal serves course of study develop increasingly, the connection of people and meal course of study is increasing, taller and taller to serving horizontal demand, the service that meal comes to is formal the direct expression that is service quality, attitude of attending to guests, level of service of office of its Chinese meal is the epitome of level of meal employment service more, exquisite and formal more important. The service of dining-room is formal and main by get stage, value stage, account platform, take the service such as table of dish, kitchen formal form.

(One) the main demand of the appearance of dining-room service personnel, appearance, bearing

(1) appearance: Working hours should be worn formulary uniform. The dress wants orderly and clean, the attention maintains the cleanness that dress cuff, collarband is in. The button that the dress should buckle wants to button, the liner of the dress cannot be shown, do not pull arm to coil trouser legs. Want to adorn the mark gets stuck. Male, air hostess all with brunet leather shoes advisable, sock color summary is deep at leather shoes color.

(2) appearance: Male clerk does not leave big hair on the temples, the hair from the back cannot grow collar, do not wear beard, constant shave; The hair of air hostess cannot grow amice. But must make up weak, forbid to adorn any headgear, forbid to take oil of long fingernail, besmear fingernail. Must not wipe excitant perfume.

(3) bearings: The station appearance of dining-room service personnel should be dignified, forceful, body is revealed beautiful with elegance. Sitting position wants decorous, show the nobility that sit and refined. Gait should lightsome, dovish. Should lean commonly right walk, cannot go among, cannot ran, cannot grab with the guest. When welcoming a visitor, of gesticulation apply should standard and measurable, the gesticulation in the talk is unfavorable and overmuch, the movement shoulds not be too big. If be used correctly to when the guest shows way, answer " straight arm type " , when the guest is entered, apply please " yaw type " etc. When gesticulation is applied, at the same time need attention wants and departmental cent coordinates countenance and body cooperate, lest appear,go out hard, cause misunderstanding to the guest.

(4) service personnel wants enthusiasm in recieve measurable, patience is considerate, sensitive to the manner report of guest, modest listen to guest opinion, want sober, ad cool-headed, expression to want reservation to expert when anything crops up. Control capacity oneself ambitious, make oneself maintain good state of mind.

(2) personnel of the service that get a platform is formal

Personnel of the service that get a platform includes entrance guard formal service personnel and lead a service personnel. The general situation that this inn must understand before personnel of the service that get a platform does business and the guest circumstance that made an appointment that day, make good appearance, appearance and mental preparation, the station before doing business is at the door dining-room two side or inside, facilitate look around all around the position, wait to greet a visitor.
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