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Honoured guest of astral class hotel recieves a service normative
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11.1. This standard includes range the grade of honoured guest differentiates, recieve formal with recieve service requirement.

1.2 standards get used to restaurant of class of star of city of Yu Qing island and travel restaurant.

The concept of 2. honoured guest and grade

2.1 honoured guest: Namely guest of VIP(Very Important Person) , it is the visitor that the benefit that points to pair of restaurant and figure can produce main effect.

Grade of 2.2 honoured guest differentiates:

2.2.1 very special, important guests (VVIP) : Point to the principal officer of the dynast class such as domestic and international political party and country and army.

2.2.2 very important guests (VIP) : Governmental official, well-known public figure; The world and group of industry of domestic famous brand or the superior of this restaurant are in charge of main leader of the branch.

2.2.3 important guests (IP) : With the person with hotel close concern, the decision-maker in the incorporation such as travel agent, association, or the personnel that is above of manager of the branch in the company.

2.2.4 special guests (SP) : Often enter restaurant, or once had had complain, or the guest that needs special keep an eye on.

2.2.5 crucial guests (KP) : Show the group is accompanied, the interpreter, person that book a room, very good bridge effect can have between restaurant and guest.

3. is recieved formal

3.1 receive preparation:

3.1.1 recieve norms certainly. After restaurant receives those who welcome VIP visitor to book, want what understand a guest in detail to arrive (from) the circumstance such as belief of inn time, sexual distinction, age, religion, the basis comes the identity of inn guest and purpose, proper consideration mutual the relation between, want to notice international convention is balanced integratedly at the same time, make in detail greet send plan. Correspondence invites the guest that come round, no matter be official public figure, professional delegacy or civilian group, well-known public figure, the personnel that should arrange corresponding identity except the unit that basically is in charge of recieving when they are arrived at heads for the airport, station, dock to receive outside, restaurant also should expedite relevant personnel and service to be born attend receive.

3.1.2 recieve personnel certainly. Generally speaking, recieve personnel to want to comparative with the identity of guest. But as a result of some kind of reason, party year tall inconvenience appears personally, temporarily the body unwell or do not wait in place, cannot complete reciprocity, but agile flexible, the personage that comparatives by position or the position of a deputy to the chief of an office appear personally. When quits party cannot appear personally, answer to set out from courtesy, make an explanation to the other side. Restaurant joins reception staff, also press this principle assign.
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