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Shallow talk about restaurant to be recieved downstage with receive silver and t
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Always be located in hotel is old the most celebrated position downstage, if say what restaurant old hall is reflecting contemporary restaurant is gorgeous with amorous feelings culture, it is the form that representing whole hotel and class downstage so.

It is the mobile center that restaurant business runs downstage, be in charge of selling restaurant product not only, contact chime moves the service of each business section to the guest, accept a guest complain, solve difficulty problem of the guest, offer for the guest varied, to the queen's taste demand service, normative service and lead service, visible, the rationalize of downstage layout, of working program concise change the service to whole restaurant, be being changed to guest impression is undoubtedly good germinant!

Well-known, of restaurant divide usually downstage for two post, recieve namely with receive silver. Recieving basically is the place that recieves a guest to be registered, and receiving silver basically is the place that conduction checkout leaves inn procedures. That is to say, those who divide form of characters or letters is downstage having clear working program to break up a dot. Just think if you are a guest, you are to be willing to be able to have done the procedure that you should do arbitrarily, still will to a position be not solved, change again next just can do appropriate at the same time additionally, we think average per capita of great majority guest can choose former.

In recent years, a few 4, restaurant of 5 stars class is built rising is to sit namely of type downstage, implementation serves one continuous line, and one part restaurant also is in gradually improve hardware establishment, make hotel service tends favor is changed, maturity is changed. This includes to be recieved downstage among them with what receive silver and hillock problem.

Below we talk simply at 3 o'clock downstage the benefit with two amalgamative hillock:

Above all, managing manpower resource. Recieve of fission type downstage with receive silver, collaboration and the contact that join are on the job, each other of program of their order, work is irrelevant. E.g. restaurant of class of a 4 stars, reception desk staff member weaves 8 are controlled commonly, receiving silver to sentence a staff member also is to weave 8 are controlled commonly, so whole and downstage come down to make up personnel to need 16 or so surely. And if realize two hillock to incorporate, every dest clerk masters program of downstage and all work, can deal with already register, can retreat room checkout formalities again, hillock of two hillock syncretic, staff member also subsequently cut control for 10 people can. Make an example, restaurant of class of a 4 stars, what if be,divide form of characters or letters is downstage, because recieve as irrelevant as the working duty each other that accepts silver post, and working fastigium is disparate also, reflect especially in housing busy season, checkout is like wave from the guest person of inn in the morning, the member receive silver that relies on to be on duty only is very difficult rise to the occasion, and reception desk employee right now although leisure does not have a thing, but also have no way is had a hand in help, make the speed that return a house is decelerated greatly, the dissatisfaction that causes a shopper and complain, and greeted height of the accommodation that register again afternoon, circumstance as above. Come so, cause manpower resource to waste, downstage more difficult rationalize arranges two hillock order. And be applied like fructification and hillock is made, can reduce certain manpower resources waste, to whole restaurant control is reduced should be one large contribution for cost.
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