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Consciousness of service quality and hotel courtesy
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Hotel consciousness is the generation in the management activity in the hotel, form and chatter the contains professional feature viewpoint of value that rise and professional standard. Hotel consciousness includes courteous consciousness. Guest consciousness, professional morality consciousness, coordinate consciousness, into this consciousness, safe consciousness, I want the courteous consciousness that those who tell is one of hotel consciousness today.

One, courteous consciousness

1, the importance of courteous consciousness

A, courteous consciousness is the mark that human civilization progresses, be ethical quality reflect

Alleged and civilized, it is to be the same as cruel, unwisdom the civilization of relative to character, be to build the corporeal life foundation in relative stability to go up, respect each other between person and person, it is treat sb with courtesy, advocate the pattern of science, a kind of society that maintains legal system. China is the state with the civilization ancient country at the world, formal civilization, the history of a few the year before last year cast the culture tradition with outstanding the Chinese nation, this is our most worth while and proud fortune. Recieve a station as an army, confront a visitor, we are the figure of building of look up tassel not merely, also representing at the same time whole the figure of 2 artillery piece.

B, courteous consciousness is hotel service quality is important assure

As the progress of the development of hotel industry and science and technology, establishment is high-grade, luxurious hotel is increasing, market competition is more and more intense. A hotel wants to win victory in competition, sheet relies on facilities facilities to wait " hardware " it is insufficient, the good public praise of the hotel, wait much is to rely on excellent service of the clerk to establish rise. The stand or fall of the service depends on directly serve personnel courteous service consciousness, because this raises the courteous consciousness of employee rank, it is a hotel effective and protracted competition is politic, be hotel service quality is important assure.

C, courteous consciousness is individual quality reflect

Everybody is in social life most should careful work, be the courtesy between human association, courteous consciousness is paid attention to in human association, it is the linchpin that builds harmonious, harmonious human relations in society. One knows courteous person, can get all round the person's welcome. Everybody likes and a complaisant person gets along, and do not wish as cloddish as a behavior, the person that does not know courtesy interacts, common saying says ' ceremony much person is not strange ' , esteem is each other, you want to get the esteem of others and courteous reception, above all yourself should be accomplished need a person with the ceremony, accordingly, can notice courtesy everywhere, answer make you establish good human relationship in social activity, the respect that wins others and love.
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