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The organization recieves " 4 beforehand "
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The hotel number that recieves a group to give priority to is not little, it is big to doing hotel business dimensions, strive for group dimensions to consume an advantage, create hotel whole benefit, have very important sense. For this, as the hotel very necessary the attention that gives height to the reception of the organization, had done its to serve hard. Among them, do good " 4 beforehand " is very important. Namely, book want detailed, provision wants fine, anticipation wants enough, prognostic

Want examine. This " 4 beforehand " is little must not.

Book organization wanting detailed to recieve, no matter be the conference,recieve, still be tourism group, should do first commonly recieve those who recieve contract and so on is agreement, written recieve a file. In this written file, besides the bid that should have general contract, the right, compulsory, fulfill the main essential factor such as means, responsibility of breach of contract besides, want to make clear in detail: Name (team name, conference name) , number, touch from time, vehicle, with why kind means of price of room, house, eat price, have dinner, dish is tasted, checkout means (cash, check, credit card, hang Zhang, turn the) such as Zhang, answer as far as possible detailed specification. Involve charge especially, do not get cursorily certainly, lest after the event disputes over trifles. And although some need not see at written item, also want to understand somewhat, think next recieve a service to lay the foundation with good the next. Outside if divide,knowing a number, still answer to decide scale of its citizenship, men and women further, old even young, and what to have special situation, so that have specific aim land,serve. For example, when some restaurant welcomes some Taiwan group, only 11 people, although the number is not much, but besides the leader of a sports team it is middleaged person outside, other the old person that all is many years old 70, will leave by morning shift boat at morrow. Because did not master age structure beforehand this circumstance, this restaurant was not deployed welcome force accordingly. After getting up in the morning, old people action is relatively sluggish, affected the speed of make the rounds of the wards, rate that return a house. Went to big, somebody forgot article, caused settle accounts to exceed booked time far, for a long time stops. Affected a group of next party again, brought about a guest complain.

Provision wants fine, when doing recieved preparation to work namely must attentive, want meticulous. Book a branch (have a plenty of sale ministry) recieve in the organization after booking, should provide the data of this organization in time antechamber ministry, guest room ministry, meal ministry, even car field relevant recieve a branch or run a place, zhou Zhi arrives relevant personnel, so that make good service in time,welcome the job join and prepare. Had better return due recieve beforehand ticket. After entering an injunction like what guest room ministry receives total station, want to understand guest situation. Include to resist inn, time leaving store, come by what vehicle from where, go to where by what vehicle, number, citizenship (domestic guest should understand the native place that visit town) , characteristic of habit of belief of purpose of sexual distinction, age, identity, visit, religion, custom, life, special hobby, recieve norms, special requirement, consumption standard, payment, guard security personnel what to asks to wait, should mastering in. Next, in the light of afore-mentioned circumstances specific aim ground has done what answer relatively to recieve preparation. Right housing (or dining-room, or assembly room) bugle call of arrangement of configuration of facilities facilities, wholesome quality, article, personnel, house is fulfilled, the key is distributed etc have comprehensive examination. Employee individual also should go up in psychosis, good idea is done to prepare on appearance appearance. Preparative work wants as far as possible fine, every link wants to consider, and should buckle between annulus annulus, do not be out of line. Here cites a case of some hotel: General manager received a visitor complain a letter: "My company ordered two presidents flatlet in expensive inn before many days 10, plan to welcome the person such as some bank president, discuss arrangements of loan of some project project. And when the guest is arrived at, maintaining because of flatlet of expensive store president however, our honoured guest arrangement is in the room of take second place, caused the guest's dissatisfaction, cause negotiate get bad influence... the course of " thing is such: This company is welcome honoured guest, ahead of schedule 10 come the day arrives of this hotel booked a ministry to order presidential flatlet. And this flatlet is being maintained, communicate between the branch be ineffective, book personnel unwary also, bring about order solid not agree with. This case is beforehand apparently not fine cause.
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