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The clerk answers the language of 4 kinds of avoid of Buddhist monastic discipli
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Er of a place of strategic importance of blessing of · of Paul of American famous professor once had a famous remark: "The language can behave a person most. You one dehisce, I can understand you. " " how does a person talk, say what word, be without the grade that showing him exceptionally of course. Be without the grade that showing him exceptionally of course..

The biggest disastrous effect of language of use service avoid, often exporting a person at it. This kind of harm is commutative, harming service object while, also cause harm to oneself figure. Basically have 4 kinds as follows:

The language that 1. does not respect

When to senile service the object speaks, what cannot say absolutely " old guy " , " old stuff " , " old trash " , " old trashy " . What even if carries is not certain it is the other side, the other side is sure also feel disgusted very. As to with " old fogey " , " old biddy " a kind appellation goes name old people, also be not should.

When chatting with the patient, do not carry as far as possible " ill ghost " , " patient " , " ill fry child " a kind speech. Without the account with special what, also carrying what body still is bad very. Ought to know, great majority patient is " conceal one's fault for fear of criticism " .

When facing the disabled, avoid by all means is used " deformed " one word. A few formulations that do not respect the disabled, such as " fool " , " booby " , " dwarf " , " is thin ⅰ of a blind person proud  imprints does thin ⅰ abstruse goblet imprint does thin ⅰ spoon imprint does million of thin ⅰ Ang imprint deceive of A Chinese-style unlined garment of grey alarm of dispatch of  of  of our  Bo? When Br> engages the public figure with very not good figure, especially the most dissatisfactory to oneself place, for example of the person that body accompanies " fat " , of low person " short " , ought not to call a spade a spade.

The language with chilly 2.

It is under any circumstances, absolutely not personnel of accessible for servicing is not quite friendly to serving an object to use, be full of the language of animosity even. Place a fault only oneself real position, perhaps do not plan to do the person of good servive routine, just meet so do.

When service object asks to serve personnel to provide a service for its, latter ten million cannot enquire with distaining former mood: "Are you canned afford? " " is this you the thing that this person uses? " " is this you the thing that this person uses??

When the service the object expresses not to like to serve item of the commodity that personnel recommends, service, perhaps be in passed one time choose, feel very not acceptability, when preparative face about leaves, latter talks in whispers in a low voice in former back: "Do not have money what to still do " , "Hold what big money " , "Looking is skint " etc, this is chilly words and deeds.
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