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Serve means and standard " 3 sexes "
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Serve means and normative formation, should notice " 3 sexes " , namely " scientific sex " , " oneness " and " tide sex " .

Science sex, ask the means of the service, standard ought to be reasonable namely, can satisfy the guest's requirement

For example, after the visitor that enters dining room takes a seat, serve sweet towel for it first () of short-haired pelt towel, let a guest feel relaxed and relaxed. If be hot towel, the one part that ought to place cottony towel mentions tremble, send a guest again before -- why should tremble? It is for clew guest this towel is heat, ironed carefully, let a guest have a psychological preparation; 2 it is to let steam of towel surface layer send out, unapt the hand is warmed when letting a guest had received towel -- the requirement that this is scientific sex.

Be like again, the service standard standard of guest pour wine is below the circumstance normally, should be to stand in guest right, guest of body side direction, with the right hand hold bottle, brand to the guest. Of this one movement, and let a guest know to do it the wine that of pour is what brand; Satisfy exalted feeling need of the guest already, satisfy its to seek knowledge again desire. If encounter two guests to divide those who sit at relying on a wall directly " train banquet " when how to do? Can press admittedly to left guest in front says behavioral standard is operated, with same right hand hold bottle, does do several jobs in the same time serve? Be no good. In that way word appears to right guest disrespectful. When be wine of right guest pour, proper service standard ought to be to use left with hold bottle, guest of body side direction, at the same time bottle brand to guest pour wine. This movement makes clear: Right now I am concentrated serve for you (not be to be mixed casually accessary the) that serves for you, also let control a guest to see at the same time want bottle label (if look apparently with the right hand,be less than) .

Oneness, ask service means, standard ought to be unified namely, in order to show norms

Say commonly, the service means that comes down surely, standard is the course studies or practice examines the proof is scientific and reasonable and feasible, cannot be opposite in serving a process so set pattern, standard makes optional shift (unless) of individual and special situation, can give a visitor otherwise with desultorily, the feeling with informal service. For example, banquet of Chinese meal of some wine shop places a stand, yuan Dingxiang towel is held in the palm (also cry " towel bed " ) buy is put at bone dish right. Be being put from the clerk no matter still is the guest is used go up looking is inconvenience. When I groom for on guard of clerk of this wine shop, put forward to should change left of park bone dish. But discover later, some clerk habits change hard, hold sweet towel in the palm park bone right again sometimes, or right side of buy of this one desk buy of that one desk is left. Because the clerk pays no attention to Jie Xiangjin to hold the scientific sex that why wants left of park bone dish in the palm already,this is, understanding puts unified profit and also do not cause. Also see from this, employee should let know its in groom like that, knowing its the reason why even is what kind important.
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