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Hotel service is formal and courteous self check
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1.Do you look in the mirror to the front of hillock everyday?

2.Did you make up weak to the front of hillock everyday?

3.Did you notice clip fingernail bone?

4.Is your hair combed orderly?

5.Does your uniform have the place of damaged, rend?

6.Does your uniform cleanness hold out draw together?

7.Are collar of your company unlined upper garment and cuff clean?

8.Is our button all ready?

9.Do you tie cravat, bow tie by the regulation, get a flower?

10.Did you press a regulation to wear name tag?

11.Is the shoe that you wear, sock clean?

12.Are you being worn sometimes jump does filar sock go to work?

13.Your to the smile when the guest?

14.Do you send one's respects to a guest actively?

15.Do you often say " please " " hello " " thank " ?

16.Do you often say " what can I do for you excuse me?

17.Do you greet sb actively with the colleague?

18.Quiz when the guest you, be when understanding, to say " do not know?

19.Do you often say " I am sorry " ?

20.Should between schedule your take appearance correct and light?

21.Can you remember often coming is the name of inn guest direct appellation " such-and-such gentleman (young lady) " ?

22.Busy when, are you impatient to the guest?

23.Do you meet the guest that encounters termagancy conflict or pay no attention to?

24.When your station appearance between schedule (sitting position) decorous?

25.Are when the class you met sometimes and your associate a chat?

26.Do you have yawn before the guest, stretch oneself?

27.When you are to-and-fro, do you take care a guest looking attentively at you?

28.Become the visitor that you notice to you serve between schedule?

29.Does your meeting treat a guest unconcernedly?

30.In your mood not beautiful when, does your meeting treat a guest goodly?

31.Your chairman time and frequent visitor chat?

32.Did you notice the safety of your working environment constantly?

3 3. No matter be in business place He De, see there is scrip, butt, dead fly to wait for you to you can pick up them on the ground rise be thrown into rubbish authority bucket?

34.When encountering a guest, whether do you have stop at hand job, let, say hello to?

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