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Let service criterion fall in real point
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Nanjing egret guesthouse is high grade the criterion of the service is courtesy, considerate, genuine, safe. This not only in the service tenet that is written into collection of guesthouse regulations system, the new condition that the market still joins ceaselessly in real work, new characteristic is strengthened groom, make its are carried out fall really real point.

Courtesy is the behavior standard that the society must follow between association go-between and person, should arrive from appellation, words and deeds bearing, appearance, show deferential to others, esteem, friendly, and exercise restraint somewhat to oneself. A day of evening at 11 o'clock, guesthouse total information desk came two guests of Shandong Xing open municipal Party committee enquire a circumstance, weigh those who will make an on-the-spot investigation to he is a vanguard, cross large quantities of forces two days to want to set out from Xing this world come to Nanjing. Although the clerk that recieves them already passed next time, but did not turn the guest to go up the colleague of evening shift, courteous ground and guest undertook the negotiation of a hour, knock in relief guest of the Xing after deciding two days finally to enter egret hotel entirely. When signing an agreement with the guest when total stage director the following day, the guest asks: "Your employee service is very good, courteous quality is quite high, be groom technically via this? Be groom technically via this??

Considerate it is to let the guest's demand get satisfaction, feel accident surprise. During plenary meeting of business of the 6th world China of Nanjing, egret guesthouse recieves world each district 600 China business hold late dinner of amorous feelings of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty. Sampling gust of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty is fastfood " 8 absolutely 16 " when, a Malaysia guest asks a clerk, every fastfood have literary quotation, the clerk is smiling to say: "Have " . Then every go up a dish, the clerk interprets dish name and good implied meaning to the guest to listen, malaysia guest samples at the same time, praise ceaselessly at the same time.

Sincerity is right the person is true, authentic, cordial, unfeigned. Also be China business plenary meeting during, an old gentleman specially that comes from Taiwan says to total desk clerk, "I leave home town old, go back this the postcard of scene of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty that wants to take distinguishing feature of a few Zhang Youshui countryside makes commemoration day, be too busy to go out all the time buy, whether does hotel shopping center have carry out excuse me " . The clerk enquires to shopping centers instantly, the answer is the stamp that has view of the Huaihe River of a the Qin Dynasty only and an album of paintings of this one Suzhou. Have a look for olden gentleman saw with one's own eyes, the clerk ran to shopping centers to borrow stamp and an album of paintings again. After old gentleman looks, like very, but the prospect on the stamp is too little, an album of paintings is too big weigh again, old gentleman is very regretful. Clerk brainwave easily, say: "If you do not mind black and white picture, I can magnify with copycat and contractible duplicate gives you " . The old person nods agree. When good when duplicate picture is handed in in old person hand, his glad laugh.
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