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The appellation in the service formal note
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Name is formal the name that when pointing to staff member and guest contact with, uses.

Abroad's commonly used appellation is " of " of " of Mr " " , Mrs. " , Miss " , Ms. " . Can say to the man commonly such-and-such (surname) gentleman, if the other side has post and rank, degree, criterion of the coronal with post and rank, degree, be like " of gentleman of manager of " of gentleman of captain of " of Dr. " gentleman, " , " , to the responsible official of ambassador and governmental minister above, often add " of " Your Exllency even after official title 2 words, in order to show respect. But the country such as the United States, Mexico, Germany is used to weigh a gentleman, asymmetry Your Exllency. To the woman, call Mrs. " marriedly " , call Miss " maidenly " . Euramerican person every has held religious spousal, wear a copper to make ring on ring finger, the man wears leftward, the woman is worn in the right hand, general easy as divisional as adornment ring. Do not know the other side married, can use) of general appellation Ms. Ms(. Whether married to cannot be being judged France woman, yi Ke says for) of Mrs. Madame(, lady, because it divides the accident that contains " of Mrs. " " , Mrs " , passable explanation? " of Quot; lady " , Ms. " . But beard attention, senile to the foreign country woman cannot " of appellation " old lady, hesperian inspects this to be defilement. The full name of Euramerican person is common by two or 3 words composition, namely the name is surnamed, or the name is surnamed. Triliteral full name, the word cause among its is more complex, triliteral full name, be like: John Henderson Smith (Smith) of · of Johe · Henry, can write do: Smith of · of John · H. The person name of the country such as Europe, North America, the Oceania, it is a name commonly advanced, the surname is in hind. But Hungarian full name is a surname advanced, the name is in hind. The full name that Spaish and latin america tell spanish person is surnamed except father outside, return surname having a parent, namely one father surnames the name one mother last name. Portuguese and Brazilian, it is a mother the surname is advanced, father last name is in hind, namely one mother surnames the name one father last name. Usually need not mother last name. After western woman gets married, change the last name that surnames the husband commonly, but well-known actress, writer waits, often retain oneself last name. Hesperian the first time meet name last name, between acquaintance name name, we do not want name commonly its name.

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