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Formal take industry of make sure hotel to perfect
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I already had been told " the success or failure of industry of hotel of detail service decision " , " psychological service is the key that promotion satisfaction spends " . And " detail serves " with " psychology serves " , with " formal service " concern closely. Formal service can make character of restaurant hotel industry crude brightness, perfect.

One, formal meaning and characteristic

The meaning with formal 1) : Our country is " formal state " . Lay a foundation making is " 3 ceremonies " namely " Zhou Li " , " gift gift " , " The Book of Rites " . Confucius is the biggest country advocate, he does his utmost to advocate learn formal: "Incivility is not inspected, incivility does not listen, incivility not character, incivility is not moved " . The classical logion of Confucius is: "Do not learn a ceremony, without in order to stand " . To this, xun Zi is in " the ceremony talks " in made explanatory note: "The person is inurbane and not unripe, the thing is inurbane won't do, the country is inurbane restless " . Xun Zi still says: "Ceremony, of the day extremely, the path of the ground, the person's quadrature " . This is formal social value. In a word, do not learn formal, establish a person hard, establish a thing hard, establish a country hard. Formal, it is to be an upright person, handle affairs and the custom of manage state affairs, displayed formal tremendous function.

Formal, for the word that uses nowadays, form for a long time namely, the summation that good deed behaves. At 3 o'clock implication; It is 100000 is on time form for a long time. Those who be like our country Spring Festival is formal, period of Yao and Shun of according to legend began. The wedding in social life (do obeisance to heaven and earth, 2 Bai Gaotang, husband and wife is right do obeisance to, into bridal chamber) funeral (wrap around Ma Daixiao, 37 indicate mourning, ) of filial Xie Bu, guan Li (do not be when the official civilian decide, be inferior to coming home sell yam, a few Jun Chenli) , result from times of Zhou Gong, Confucius, the history is long. 2 be the conduct behavior that points to happiness is on the look inside. Have because of past dynasties all sorts of formal, pass an age with when all is entered, superior bad discard, those are reactionary, feudal, backward, ignorant formal, fall into disuse gradually, those happiness, what civilization progresses is formal and successive come down. So " formal " the commendatory word that is the front. 3 be " summation " , it is to point to formal culture, it is perforative and pervade the square respect aspect that lives in the society. People tells " " (eat have eat photograph, wear have wear photograph, play the part of have the appearance of an actor, go have photograph, sit have sit photograph) , show Lin Lin always always wants to tell formal, cannot discourteous nohow.

Formal, it is long-term form, the summation that the good deed that changes hard behaves, make the standard of people words and deeds so.
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