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Tours to Amoy hotel color donkey who better to recommend favorite folk songs
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Book Hotels, Golden Week and the non-Golden Week is very different. Golden Week, the hotel must be booked in advance. Suggest that you search for accommodation in the online information. However, in the search process must be adopted to judge the tone of the publisher is the real donkey, or care: If there is no more detailed Raiders or other travel, it is entrusted to the possibility. Locking a recommended information, the hotels or a second phone peasant music search. Better and the stores are relatively worse than one. Selected a relatively good reputation store phone book, other information They can be stored for emergency use. Golden Week, the informal hotel set earlier generally more expensive. Instead of regular hotels, such as farm music, are generally much cheaper than hotels, conditions will be primitive relative to some, but suggested that the gold will not be too hard bargain weeks to Anti-shop owner later regret, but delays in schedule and mood. Golden Week for non-hotel reservation, no need to book in advance. Because most hotel rooms and more customers are less at this time, can reach the destination and then finding the one hand, seeing is believing, to find their favorite hotels, It also can be a harsh bargain. Although non-golden week without reservations, but Internet access to relevant information prior to departure, or necessary, do not rule out some of the area, in the non-Golden Week may also be packed situation. Prairie, due in late September of the year four Season best time of the shooting, there will be full of the situation. In addition, information on travel accommodation, there is little suggestion is to go to Amoy an Taobao fleece sleeping bag (40 yuan), so that regardless of whether the wet bedding hotel, sleep in their own sleeping bags can be a comfortable warm feeling. If the winter Travel season, it is recommended to buy a down sleeping bag (300 yuan), it is no heating in the place cold peace of mind. Autumn and winter, "color donkey" who better to favorite folk songs Nanxiong: 11 months late, Nanxiong Ginkgo has become gold, yellow gold over the world, dreamy, very pretty, and is located in Shaoguan, travel convenience. Jiangxi Wugongshan: alpine meadow, landscape unique, is still in development stage now, not many tourists, but stay poor condition, but needs some physical strength through. Xue Xiang Harbin: never seen snow Friends, we must be very like the ice and snow. Suggest that you must go to ski, very exciting fun. Huangshan in winter: Although winter is low season in Huangshan, but the scenery is very beautiful, few visitors, tickets and prices cheap, definitely worth a visit. But some sites will seal off the end of December, before the trip to find out. Winter Dam: snow after the dam is also a paradise for photographers. Snow, tree, hanging crystal, will make you amazing.