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Guilin is lucky hotel The Forture Condominium Hotel
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Characteristic meal

The name can sit dragon of remarks of business hours of number arrange sort encloseds ground for growing trees 270 Guangdong dish / dish of Guilin place characteristic is surrounded with self-help of Chinese and Western, Chinese style in the evening midday in the morning desk give priority to lucky center 170 Japan arrange / Japanese type barbecue- - dish of authentic in the evening midday Japan, barbecue (supply in the evening) coffee 38 Western-style food / desert- - recreational in the evening midday the environmental place that reachs business affairs to negotiate

Credit card type

1.VISA gets stuck√2.MASTER gets stuck√, 3. .JCB gets stuck√4. American Express (AMERICAN EXPRESS)√5. Other spendable credit card: The Great Wall gets stuck√, peony gets stuck√

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