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Guilin Royal Garden Hotel of cafe of Guilin emperor garden
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Exterior of hotel of cafe of Guilin emperor garden
Hotel exterior
Lobby of hotel of cafe of Guilin emperor garden
Hotel lobby
Room of hotel of cafe of Guilin emperor garden
Hotel room

Hotel brief introduction: Cafe of Guilin emperor garden is a collect travel, recreational, go vacationing reach business affairs the 5 stars class at an organic whole is costly hotel, repose in beautiful Li Jiang Dongan, with Fu Bo the hill, hill that fold colour lies between Jiang Xiangwang, scene is beautiful, the scenery is beautiful. Ascend building overlook, flow south green jade water, group the peak surrounds, picture scroll of see everywhere of see everywhere green hill lets you stay always the memory of unforgettable bosom. Experienced wind storm rain of ten years, of the hotel mostly establishment already ageing is moss-grown, the market environment with incommensurate increasingly intense competition. To hold the competitive dominant position of the hotel, rose in December 2001, black force accuses an Inc. in denounce is gigantic endowment the project such as arena has the nocturnal show of center of dining-room of hall of old to the hotel hall, coffee, Japan, business affairs, garden decorate transform, and on April 29, 2002 successful and finishing. The big Tang Jinbi after decorating is brilliant, richly elegance, capacious and air of great of extensive of garden coffee hall, bright, japanese dining-room is permeated with grumous Dong Ying amorous feelings, wonderful confused shows ethical song and dance, alarmingly dangerous is folded piece; Card pulls … of stimulation of Ok hall vogue, beautiful Lun Meihuan…Di Yuan is laughing with brand-new appearance greet visitor of all corners of the land, provide easier living environment and more considerate individuation service for guest.

  • Cafe of Guilin emperor garden5 stars
  • Guilin Royal Garden Hotel
  • Address: 7 stars area faces Guilin date of Jiang Lu 186-1
  • Postcode: 541004
  • Practice was decorated 2002 1986
  • From airport space: 32 (kilometer)
  • From railway station distance: 4 (kilometer)
  • Circumjacent tourist attraction:
  • Be apart from Guilin city the biggest omnibus park -- 7 stars park (7 stars cliff) 1 kilometer, be apart from Guilin city first 4A scene area -- the proboscis hill, Fu Bo hill, hill that fold colour has 2 respectively. .5 kilometer, 1.5 kilometers, 2 kilometers, hill of wave of its the second of the three ten-day periods of the hot season is located in a hotel ahead. the is Guilin mother river opposite side -- Li river

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