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Guilin Plaza Hotel of Guilin sightseeing hotel
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Exterior of hotel of Guilin sightseeing hotel
Hotel exterior
Lobby of hotel of Guilin sightseeing hotel
Hotel lobby
Room of hotel of Guilin sightseeing hotel
Hotel room

Hotel brief introduction: Guilin sightseeing hotel is located in downtown, be apart from a railway station 5 minutes, be apart from an airport 40 minutes. Hotel old hall is resplendent and magnificent; Have inside hotel guest room all ready establishment and multi-purpose socket, partial room two line. Bamboo garden hall offers each district cate and unripe fierce seafood; Hall of morning bird coffee is offerred elegant early, midday, dinner, late food, buffet and southeast Asia cate are fastfood. Can hold 380 people at the same time functional banqueting hall, provide facility of advanced seeing and hearing, it is the optimal place that holds the conference, party.

  • Guilin sightseeing hotel4 stars
  • Guilin Plaza Hotel
  • Address: Guilin Jiang Lu of Li of 7 stars area 20
  • Postcode: 541004
  • Practice was decorated newly 2006 1990
  • From airport space: 30 (kilometer)
  • From railway station distance: 4 (kilometer)
  • Circumjacent tourist attraction:
  • Be apart from 7 stars park 1 kilometer, the park that wear hill 2 kilometers, guilin international exhibition center and 500M of square of armour the world, millstones hill dock 28 kilometers, dock of bamboo river external affairs 30 kilometers

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