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GuiLin City Grden of cafe of Guilin city garden
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Exterior of hotel of cafe of Guilin city garden
Hotel exterior
Lobby of hotel of cafe of Guilin city garden
Hotel lobby
Room of hotel of cafe of Guilin city garden
Hotel room

Hotel brief introduction: Cafe of Guilin city garden, limited company of public traffic group of department Guilin city provides a public house that investment builds by SamSung grade level. Cafe of Guilin city garden is located in flourishing mart, terminal of Na Lin car, railway station, the peach blossom river bank with boreal adjacent pretty scenery. Be apart from two rivers International Airport 26 kilometers, communication is easy, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out. Building of merchant of wine of Guilin city garden 9, have the luxurious guest room with of all kinds comfortable warmth 130, facility is complete, the service is high-class, it is the sweet home that your travel goes vacationing. Cafe of Guilin city garden sets assembly room of center of center of Chinese meal hall, Western-style food hall, banqueting hall, business affairs, peace and happiness, bazaar, size to wait for service project, it is travel the place that the ideal of conference of recreational, business affairs stays.

  • Cafe of Guilin city gardenSamSung
  • GuiLin City Grden
  • Address: The road austral Zhongshan of area of Guilin beautiful peak 76
  • Postcode: 541002
  • 2004 build start business
  • From airport space: 29 (kilometer)
  • From railway station distance: 1 (kilometer)
  • Circumjacent tourist attraction:
  • Face Guilin city main force to: The road austral Zhongshan, terminal of Zun Lin close car, be apart from the station austral the train 1 kilometer, be apart from central square 3 kilometers, proboscis hill 2 kilometers.

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