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Spring of Guilin the four seasons hotel GuiLin EVA INN
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Spring of Guilin the four seasons hotel hotel exterior
Hotel exterior
Spring of Guilin the four seasons hotel hotel lobby
Hotel lobby
Spring of Guilin the four seasons hotel hotel room
Hotel room

Hotel brief introduction: Spring of Guilin the four seasons the hotel reposes in Li Jiang Bian, on the west Lin Zhengyang shopping mall, be located in a sector of an area of Guilin city gold bank Jiang Lu 66, be apart from two rivers 4 lakes 200 meters, walk 5 minutes, from proboscis hill 300 meters, walk 6 minutes, the hotel is built all around picturesque scenery, the scenery is delightful, in be troubled by, take static, communication is very easy. Spring of Guilin the four seasons hotel building is 7 tall, floor area 6200 much square metre. The hotel has spring of the four seasons guest room 113, among them between high level 81, between luxurious standard 14, luxurious cell 15, luxurious flatlet 2, administrative flatlet 1, room grace is easy, every room sets system of electronic guard against theft and broadband to get online wait for modern convenience. The Moon Cafe of hall of day month coffee is located in a hotel 7, have 100 food, offer breakfast of big self-help type Chinese and Western for you. Hall of day month coffee and river of Li of tourist attraction of sex of Guilin city sign, proboscis hill, wear hill, tower hill be in harmony is an organic whole, make you OK enjoy have dinner of be personally on the scene in the beautiful picture scroll of nature. The hotel deserves to have muti_function auditoria and business affairs center, decorate luxurious, provide computer, copycat, epidiascope, the advanced equipment such as system of seeing and hearing, contented Your Exllency your business affairs conference, negotiate the autograph reachs all sorts of need that show an activity about, match again with major reliable, meticulous business affairs conference serves, aid Your Exllency to obtain outstanding meeting result easily. The hotel still sets shopping center, hairdressing beautifies hair, bath is sufficient, bar, coffee hall, parking lot, do sth for sb the form a complete set such as travel ticket Wu serves an item. This hotel market travel goes sightseeing, recreational recreation, the conference, meal, shop, trade activity at an organic whole, it is the ideal hotel that guests of China and foreign countries stays.

  • Spring of Guilin the four seasons hotel4 stars
  • GuiLin EVA INN
  • Address: Guangxi Guilin city bank Jiang Lu 66
  • Postcode: 541002
  • 2008 fuel start business
  • From airport space: 30 (kilometer)
  • From railway station distance: 3 (kilometer)
  • Circumjacent tourist attraction:
  • Theater of river of Li river Li in relief shopping mall

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