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Hotel leisure facilities change people livelihood projects to accelerate cons
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Yongding County in Fujian famous hometown, people go out to morning exercise, recreation, walking more than a place to change, people's livelihood projects for the construction of those rejoice. 23 reporter learned from the Yongding County, Fujian Province in the implementation of the county committee, the provincial government's economic construction in the current "Battle of Five", the emphasis on people's livelihood construction, through livelihood projects to achieve To improving the living environment, improve the quality and standard of living purposes. Kong people in the entertainment Yongding Banyan Square, the reporter saw a lot of old people sitting around in small groups, or play chess or poker, or erhu. An old man named Hu said with emotion: "We are sitting in a hotel where the original is now available to hundreds of people transformed into a fixed place of leisure activities. The new public toilets are equipped with sensory red tap, they also installed Persons with disabilities and the elderly to use the equipment. " Yongding city harrow street there are several hot springs free year round for people of "Tangchi" Many people, especially elderly people have the habit of bathing in hot springs, before the "Bain Marie" services are inadequate, there is no awning patio, soaking rain Very convenient, under the "Tangchi" steep and narrow steps and no escalator or handrail, careless easy to slip or fall, some elderly people had to let grandson accompanied to Bath. November of this year, the local government embarked on a "Bain Marie" to repair, built awning, installed fans, laying anti-skid tiles, still "Tom Cave" and "soup house" escalators and handrails installed. Although the repair place is not, Investment in small, seemingly trivial matter, but pieces of it, always warm. Child in the Temple in Yongding ago, some workers are busy laying tile last paragraph of the river corridor, a worker surnamed Wen told said: "I was Yongding city people, close to the river of Pre Um, is that people enjoy the cool air in summer place, But before there was a wasteland, the potholes, not to mention the cool air to bring their own stool, and even find a place to sit is not easy. Immersió units built here now, satisfied that the pavilion, along the river corridor, stone table, stone chair, etc., planted flowers , Bamboo, Um Yongding people call this child before the leisure park. "