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"Glasses a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " Hu Kai
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The brave on games of undergraduate of alive in August 2005 bound seizes dash of China of 100 meters of champion, creation a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of Chongqing " glasses of one old brilliant record " Hu Kai, reappear formally the day before yesterday after becoming silent nearly two years because of the injury, go up in countrywide indoor tounament with 6 seconds 65 carry off 60 meters of champion. The Hu Kai of the beautiful on condition, already laid the view the Beijing Olympic Games after half an year with all one's strength. ■ on the tournament of countrywide indoor track and field that because the injury is immersed in trough for a time,has in Beijing the day before yesterday, the smiling face that people saw Hu Kai is familiar with that piece again. This in Turkey Yi from August 2005 man of coronate of the amaze the people with a single brilliant feat on games of undergraduate of close Er world dash of man of China of 100 Mi Guanjun, creation after one old record, "The renown date of " of glasses a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct spread fast. The Hu Kai after world use is met as before strong, in in those days large award of gold of Shanghai international track and field surpasses 100 meters of decisive battle in, the end of the year of before sheet picks body of ascend of numerous world-class ace 6; ascends man of East Asia games again champion of battle of 100 meters of flying National People's Congress gets award platform. Hu Kai makes Chinese man dash from this get military thing. Because the injury is immersed in trough,enter the Hu Kai 2006, because muscle of left thigh inside is pulled badly twice, athletic success suffer a disastrous decline of Hu Kai, from 2005 the bottom arrives in nearly two years of time 2007, hu Kai suffers torment fully, except carried off on countrywide indoor tounament 2006 outside 60 meters of champion, hu Kai is in only the whole nation carried a 4 × are taken on the meeting greatly last year gold of 100 meters of relay, and the strong point man in oneself ranks only in 100 meters of decisive battle 6. Hu Kai's condition glides considerably, make a person right its whether attend Beijing Olympic Games to be anxious unceasingly. ■ Chongqing track and field is recrudescent the hope is delectable is, through nearly two years the Hu Kai of take good care of sb recovers basically. The reporter fastens know from track and field of institute of technology of Chongqing city campaign yesterday, old injury restores Hu Kai femoral completely already, after training via short time, its physical ability and technology already picked up quickly, position regains the level before getting hurt basically already. This second indoor game is the first dash gold that the Hu Kai after reappearing carries off, also be him in the Olympic Games year the first champion that carry off. Hu Kai's Wang Zhe returns, let Chongqing track and field increase to contend for Jin Duoyin's likelihood in contest of home, international, olympic Games of Beijing of concussion of player of Chinese man dash takes part in the match the qualification is much also a fresh troops. ■ Olympic Games giving fight just is dreamy " depressed a year, this I found a sense eventually. Can take this 60 rice champion, proved my body restores completely already not only, and the confidence that also enhanced the competition. My meeting do one's best strides a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position this year, olympic Games giving fight will be my greatest dream. "The Hu Kai confidence after reappearing is dye-in-the-wood. The year before last year and last year, hu Kai passes very depressedly really. Although individual achievement is the place inside the circle early to approbate, but he is in a series of on match of international, home from beginning to end attempt and accomplish nothing, the " of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of glasses of this legend " that is expressed great expectations by Chinese track and field, had lost it seems that on strong momentum. And be in advocate below the circumstance that field Olympic Games draws near increasingly, of Hu Kai fatigued and weak, make a person more anxious to the foreground of Chinese dash. "It is unable to do what one wants very much to do really, after the leg is hurt, fail to get reasonable build up one's health by rest and by taking nourishing food all the time, this formed vicious circle, it is good to want to run more achievement cannot is like more however wish, the result cannot obtain an ideal result inside a long time, it is to get very depressed " too really, speak of that paragraph of dreary time, hu Kai is helpless very. "Not bad nevertheless, my leg injury already was done not have basically it seems that now how old problem. Take this champion this, the sense is quite good, let me be expected to will having more henceforth. "■ after team of selected country relay reappears, be in Olympic Games year champion is taken in first home top class match, hu Kai's expression caused national group take seriously, it is reported he is basic already and selected national group 4 × battle array of 100 meters of assemble for training, this let Hu Kai also have " of more " idea to attending Beijing Olympic Games:" Attend the Olympic Games, it is the dream of every athlete. I can strive to be in with teammate next the Olympic Games amounts to the play that has had on label game, reach mark of Olympic Games A with all one's strength, in order to realize oneself Olympic Games dream. "(responsibility edits: Laoman)
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