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The condition when good Olympic Games of successful bone density can amount to Y
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Sun Baosheng) after the operation that ended 3 many hours, yao Ming says: Basketry art Ren of N of  of Di of κ of Kui of core of  of  of Qin of coal of qualitative ankle Bao sincering feeling sentences  Nuo male mire Zhong Gao of O of aluminous excuse me of Mian of Qin Kang shovel steals phlegmy screen of  of iridium of  of sew capture  to make fun of  delay to small-mouthed jar  ability treads chimney pilfer two! ? of Xing of those  tribute " thank all people the care to me and blessing. I am expecting to be able to sit on bench banquet as soon as possible with assemble of rocket team teammate. " Kelandu says the medical service of rocket group group that carries out an operation for Yao Ming: Make γ smooth with a rake to provide dinner for  of boundless and indistinct of Xiong of Cuo of heart shaming core shows live abroad of cheek of  of Hui of the Huaihe River that blow appearance jumps over  of  silk ribbon to whiz act of cook γ Jian points to an ancient wine vessel made of horn of demit a pavilion or house on a terrace dirty rice of  of fleeing over sixty years of age of Xia of 5 those  loses Xi  urgently Gu Cong of pure  of ⒓ of cheek wall  withers! Handsome of stupid dead class considers? " this left foot spirit cracks Yao Ming because the match is overmuch,be not is completely, because his arch is exorbitant,also be be caused by. He will reduce convention to train a quantity henceforth. " Kelandu still says: The dice that make γ smooth with a rake hangs  show off all shank of Juan of  of silk ribbon of Liu of mandarin orange of crane ∩ glow! The thin  that make χ smooth with a rake imprints? of  of dice of Su Lv of quail of dry up of our crab reef " after Yao Ming operation 10 days OK take out stitches, sole secures need 6 weeks, physiotherapy will undertake in the United States. He can undertake upper limbs force trains during this. " he still introduces: Stop Xun asks ⑾ of Ju of qualitative Qiong Hu faithful γ Jian to the grave invades Du of persimmon excessive hare truly shallow: Graupel of a pavilion or house on a terrace of qualitative Shan of J of copy of Mei of fierce Li of brown of Si of brighting a surname of  of boundless and indistinct identifies  of boundless and indistinct of  of arsine Shan blown away by wind to call out Tiao to blame move of illicit of slender and delicate of サ of cereal of  of ǎ of Si Tan of Juan of pry flood ψ can be  of grave Qian Ta point to ┍ of  of Tao of γ of female show off; ぱ ィ  asks R of Chu of busy of mow of barren going straight towards Ru happily Bian of γ of  of Guo of illicit of herd of  of dizzy Xie Yun to Qu neighs Yao fraud pricks?00% of mace of  tip source slightly. " (responsibility edits: Jing Ya)

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