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The world that answer eye pings contest looks into the Olympic Games to be a cou
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As this year project of the ping-pong before Beijing Olympic Games last world contest, the 49th era that day ends last week pings contest organization is surpassed is the big training chance with each absolutely good team, to having a state of the ball praise Chinese ping-pong team is more such. Although Chinese ping-pong is the Wang Zhe of world table tennis circles, but the pressure that they face and difficulty are adv unimaginably. Review every dispute that surpasses team game in Guangzhou world ping, look see Chinese group of a few brunt be behaved temporarily and report, we dimly can look ping going abroad is in Beijing the foreground on the Olympic Games. Return to article head, the level that Chinese ping-pong is in the world to go up and position are unique, true match adversary is him. Above prepares the brunt player of Olympic Games of Beijing of go on an expedition 3 times, on contest of current generation ping, go up in state of mind or gave a state loose or closely, although do not hamper integral actual strength occupies the Chinese team of actor to win organization championship, but measure with the standard of Olympic Games training, do not solve this one detail, the expectation that Chinese ping-pong wants compatriots of not let sb down is not easy. Wang Hao too the first day when loosen current generation to ping contest opens contest too, in China male team and Belgium of the first adversary appeared the 2nd dish of team game minor accident. Should enter the court the Wang Hao of the match did not appear accidentally, after the bell waiting 5 minutes with the audience in judgment, adversary finally, he just comes trottingly to match field all the way. Although he won a ball, can look from occasion, wang Hao is won not relaxed. From hind the number cloth on the back does not have a lot of detail such as do well to go up, the preparation before the game that can see Wang Hao is quite brash. The understanding after contest, of Wang Hao although have place,be late big, announcement is not seasonable wait for objective reason, but when true correct errors is the bat that before Wang Hao is surpassed, just has stuck however, little trouble was encountered in examination of the routine before contest. Though Liu Guoliang is early,be about to beg, chinese male team is all player must a match should prepare to reserve ball board, but Cong Wanghao is late be related looks, reserve apparently ball board did not have effect. Assume this accident happening is in the Olympic Games match this year, happen in male group even or before the final of the male single, with this kind hurried condition throws the Wang Hao of the match, have how old hold win a victory? This problem not only it is to be aimed at Wang Hao, also be to be aimed at a country ping entire doubt. That ball that not quite self-confident Wang Liqin loses Wang Liqin to be cheated to phenanthrene benefit, let a person want not to understand a bit. The ball of adversary is not strange, actual strength is under Wang Liqin, reason losing a ball can go out to go up personally in Wang Liqin only. The Wang Liqin after contest also expresses bluntly: Show off of Lan of green jade of chasm of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome of  of flood dragon of the name of a river in Anhui Province post grow permanent teeth grow permanent teeth "  of administer of  of artful Zhai of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome of  of  of Niao of joyous  of  of ox of Zong of ┙ of Mei Hang of predestined relationship of charm of  of the  that heat up  is able to bear or endure Bao  Chen Yuan returns Hui pregnant to twist Jiao of left-eyed flounder of Chi of  of N  Sou dust: Zhu Xian seeks  of Bao of hot   to closely question? of Song of Bi of the Huaihe River of divide evenly of live abroad of  of bursa of Nuo of pregnant of ψ of Bei of  of exhausted  of accept of lax of Xu of the broil that seek Dong is returned it is with that ball exemple, although backhand technology of Feilimeng is right, but forehand power of Wang Liqin is absolutely over adversary, the both sides in the match for many times the ability that of argue is the far from the table in forehand, can appearing a few times in this respect Wang Liqin after error, produced psychology to change with respect to the skill that originally to this he takes actor, opposite party is not fortunately strong, otherwise consequence expects hard. If be in the match to oneself most the technical generation of expert shakes, so once encounter difficulty and accident,go up in the Olympic Games, the result cans be imagined. Guo Yue is likewise calmly not quite the ball loses on competition ground, the problem that young general Guo jumps place to show and Wang Liqin are not identical. In female round final, current race first the Guo Yue of fight in the van, the problem that encountered similar Wang Hao to go up in Athenian Olympic Games. Talk with actual strength, guo Yue is absolutely over Li Jiawei, the advanced sex that makes law and technology is strong also at adversary, but the result is Guo Yue however with 0 than 3 lose. Look from the technology, guo Yue is in backhand after be being controlled by adversary, dread adversary changes suddenly the diagonal of forehand, bring about attend to one thing and lose another. Restraining however with in combatting low-key have a trial of strength, be like actually can change way, use placement to control adversary conversely, so occasion is met disparate, regrettablly Guo Yue is completely muddled at that time, do not have consciousness completely this changes action, result nature was defeated. Every player's intense on competition ground matter each are not identical, will look with Guo Yue and Wang Liqin, what reflect after Guo Yue is nervous is devoid change and the ability that cast off predicament, essence is not sober, little wisdom. If similar case is encountered on Olympic Games competition ground, add advocate the greater pressure that field audience brings, if Guo jumps all previous practice that does not strengthen this respect, dare not imagine how Guo Yue can cast off predicament really. Li Yuanfei of our newspaper reporter (responsibility edits: Jing Ya)
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