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Bubble Fei grooms greatly close down of Buck of completely beautiful star 3 hour
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The United States 7, every dusk on cafes of 100 stars Buck suspends doing business 3 hours, undertake to employee " craft of coffee of improved n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine " training, this is a star Buck undertook extensive on-the-job training first since practice 1971 oneself, the coffee that because a lot of consumer criticize a star,Buck uses automatic coffee machine to boil is not quite authentic.

Headquarters is located in astral Buck of Xiyatu to pass through company memorandum book, announcement employee has comprehensive sex on-the-job training, the hope strengthens employee dedicated the standard that cares about type to condense coffee, ensure coffee character.

Whether can training of 3 hours reverse astral Buck's commonplace with each passing day image? The machine of meaning type coffee that some people guess to astral Buck will turn to move an operation with the hand, but star spokesman Ounier expresses Buck, the policy that adopts automatic coffee machine won't be changed, but character can have assure.

A lot of people complain the employee of astral Buck not to know how to had made drunk coffee, astral Buck associate with is famed with product of coffee of vogue of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine of automatic coffee machine, but many clients think to emphasize be particular about speed and go to the lavatory to make good coffee without method. Astral Buck at holding water 37 years ago, to 2001 from 100 branches 1992 growth comes 4, 000 branches.

The business with occurrence the poorest throughout history behaves on astral Buck one season, facilitating star undertakes urgent training is strengthened by the month on Buck remedy.

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