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The United States bets city inn Jing to show castor-oil plant toxin
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A man pulled Siweijiasi in American Nevada on Feburary 28 local time discover toxin of castor-oil plant of deadly and chemical material is farinaceous inside guest room of a motel content, this person already was in narcosis now. The FBI is maintained, this incident and terror have nothing to do.

Baerduo's word says grand of · of tall of police officer of associated press cite, this man discovered a bag of powdery substance inside guest room on Feburary 28, give hotel manager it, say this bag of powdery substance does not put in him 's charge all. Police local time afternoon 3 when make hurry to the spot, blocked subsequently area of inn week exclosure, kept apart that guest room. The lab examines to show as a result, powdery substance is castor-oil plant toxin.

The 4 people inside hotel and 3 polices accepted quarantine, disinfection in the spot, evacuation accepts further examination to the hospital. Outside be in narcosis except that man that discovers poison, position of other average per capita is good. Police has not make public the identity of that man. Police says, still not be clear that why poison appears in hotel.

Pull Si Wei to add Si Lianbang to investigate bureau official to wear Wei Sidaerci to say: "We confirm, poison is castor-oil plant toxin. But this and terror have nothing to do. We think, this is criminal case. " the weight that Sidaerci did not show castor-oil plant toxin is pulverous. Police says, they do not think this is murder case.

Castor-oil plant toxin is a kind of when extract from inside castor-oil plant seed poisonous protein. Toxic person difficulty of meeting occurrence breath, have a fever, cough, disgusting wait for a symptom with vomiting, die even. American disease control and precautionary center say, the enough of castor-oil plant toxin of 500 microgramme makes adult dies.

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