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Xin Liang orders meal of vogue of Bangkok of Angelini meaning dining-room
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Those who pass 7 months time is complete get ready, the Angelini Italy dining-room of big public house of lira of Bangkok sweet case opens the door once more greet a visitor. Brand-new Angelini is paid attention to especially on the design build lie fallow easily, sweet and the atmosphere that does not miss vogue, contemporary adornment style is proper ground echo the busy breath of city. The gazebo wine corridor of healthy and pure and fresh cookbook, rich cellar, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind and spot band are performed gift for dining-room new move and vigor.

Make meticulously through what California interior designs company Baldauf Catton Von Eckartsberg(BCV) , the Italian amorous feelings of raw ingredient of the Angelini market fad after getting ready and former juice is an organic whole, integral atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. The adornment of individual character and contemporary feeling in dining-room, lamplight, place stage and employee to wear show in each detail such as outfit without involuntary discharge of urine.

New design and adornment use contemporary and fresh creamy air, the three-layer that stair is linked together is divided into two functions area. Concolorous fundamental key lets interior decorate a design to have enough dimensional play, sometimes bright sometimes dim, or connect appear or solid, or smooth or coarse, have smooth fact vivid, the used the guest that is have dinner to appear to abound visual sense with all sorts of different simple capable person is enjoyed.

Dining-room has a color the have dinner area of each different, the seat also can be arranged neatly, still have in comfortable private room and half enclosed cell. Close partly cell look out swim pool, can see the beautiful view of the river austral Mei, it is relaxed and satisfied have dinner area. 2 have dinner hall has characteristic to open type to exceed large kitchen, diversiform adornment style fits all sorts of have dinner requirement.

The wine corridor that is located in ground floor includes two original bar divisions, can contain 100 visitors, angelini bar is the times fashionable place of Bangkok place that gets praise highly, supply of all kinds delicate cate, top class cellar of 200 bottles of worlds and fresh cocktail can choose for the guest; Spot band is performed and the autograph makes an appointment with DJ more the atmosphere that lets here reachs a climax every night. Open time comes the area of gazebo have dinner of same layer midday oneself night, cate is enjoyed in picturesque scenery, make the one large window of new Angelini.

What the collect barbecue, pizza that make and biscuit are an organic whole is muti_function oven offerred more alternative for the guest, also increased the vigor of dining-room and interactive sex.

New Angelini supplies cate of Mediterranean characteristic health, the means that uses contemporary, vivid and rich affinity shows dish pattern come out, do one's best makes novel, concise, healthy, delicate and pure Italy cate with perfect cooking skill. And, the Tibetan capacity for liquor here is in whole Asia also count as one of the best.
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