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Flower new immigration laws inflicts heavy losses on Chinese meal course of stud
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Quan Yinghua sells 樑 of consortium chairman Chen De to point out outside the person, the new immigration laws of British government has many restriction to employee of foreign country of special industry invite applications for a job, the doorsill is carried very high, for example law exemple sets cafeteria east advocate employ 2 hutch should be set " ranking " superintend. " this is impossible for inn to selling outside broad Chinese Chinese meal. What is more,the rather that the large kitchen duty of Chinese meal does not depend on superintending subordinate, store selling outside major Chinese meal all is domestic type business with a small capital, of new law is undoubted and minatory Chinese meal course of study live. "

Accordingly, chinese meal house east advocate people what be not worth to deal with a labor is urgent, student studying abroad of active recruit China holds two or more posts concurrently, the worker with some retired already return hospitality, some cafeteria are forced to shorten business hours, stop midday city. In addition, have more east advocate without concealing anything character can continue to employ black worker worker, " seek a person when necessary when scapegoat, him extricate oneself. "

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