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Amount of Sanket economy hotel is not worth Russia
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2007 the guesthouse of Sanket city builds the market to go up, the interest of investor still project of short period of be confined to, tall redound. Nevertheless the expert predicts, intervene those who will invest a company as the foreign country, the vivid jerk of this market will promote greatly.

Now, sanket city is in what build and plan construction is muti_function hotel project (include the item beyond downtown) the amount is in constant growth. Plan to give after guesthouse building for the most part among them business of international guesthouse operation will manage.

Because investor is fond of the high-grade guesthouse with investment higher profit, bring about inadequacy of economy inn amount. Economy inn is not to point to low-cost inn, the can offer rationality price to compare truly really inn that points to however.

Be located in Sanket downtown, situation amount of advantageous apartment type hotel is increasing, the hotel construction of the suburb also is developing ceaselessly.

The expert thinks, from the point of strategic angle, the guesthouse that after building, continues to manage will become guesthouse to build the main aspect of course of study increasingly henceforth. And the proportion of the guesthouse item that after those build, sells immediately is dropping. Most investor hopes to invest for a long time, share the management of these projects jointly with operation business.

Mix as what designing in the hotel that build gradually complete, to 2010, the hopeful of gross of hotel guest room of Sanket city breaks up one time than now.

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