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The Madagascar is luxurious hotel investment will warm up
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Be not what will hold in equestrian capital in July 2009 conference of head of allied country home to receive, madagascar president announced in Feburary this year, to the SamSung course that builds before June 2009 the hotel of above of 150 guest room will give duty-free, this policy causes the enthusiastic reaction of investor. According to equestrian country tourism minister introduces, had received 5 hotels to build project application at present. Among them the application of European Accor group has won governmental approval, the facility that project construction needs and material all are enjoyed avoid tariff treatment. This project is SamSung class hotel, 150 guest room, hotel name number is " Ibis " . The minister still says, the hotel is built not just capital of bureau be confined to, some waiting for examine and approve a project to be namely beyond the capital of the area. Current, hotel of above of countrywide SamSung class shares equestrian country 22, aggregate 1000 guest room. It is reported, conference of blame alliance head will have 53 countries head 2009, in all 4000 people attend, the demand of luxurious to building hotel sees one spot.

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