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French beautiful food feeds guest beck to element
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The vegan also can taste 嚐 France beautiful food easily. Divine flourishing is big restaurant uncle tastes corridor the fresh cooked food with healthy preserve one's health is rolled out to basically feed capable person " Jing greens formula " , explain French beautiful food afresh.

Advocate hutch brief bear 濬 points out, aux used to has maigre guest to want to try French arrange or demand of customer having a dinner, and the requirement is maigre menu, add health of modern be particular about delicate, because this is rolled out maigre " Jing greens formula " . With red, Bai Luobo, Gao Li cooked food of stay of proceedings of Bao of dish, apricot is creation theme, reoccupy is simple sauce render palatable.

Gong Zhenyu of public relations of be on sale says, although the administrative levels change of maigre arrange cannot be likened to meat or fish to feed, but the cooked food with fresh colour and lustre, the visual sense that lets French arrange instead is more rich. " Jing greens formula " come since this day rolled out on April 30, every are covered 1, 200 yuan.

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