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Breakthrough of income of Shandong meal industry closes one billion two hundred
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The job of meal of complete province cooking that holds in Jinan learns on working conference, gross earnings of industry of meal of complete 2007 province breaks through one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan to close greatly first, achieve one hundred and one billion and seventy-six million yuan, rank in the whole nation 2, grow 16.7% compared to the same period, the proportion that holds total of consumable of complete province society is achieved 13% , already became me to save one of serving industry principal property.

According to Shandong province cooking association meets son's eldest son is smooth far introducing, saved each meal enterprise to be in order to revitalize Lu Cai completely last year oneself, with energy-saving decrease a platoon to attach most importance to a dot, develop the market energetically, guide and support enterprise of brand of complete province meal to develop outwards, withstand the pressure that purchases cost to rise, development is gotten in innovation, obtained better outstanding achievement.

It is reported, course of study of meal of complete 2008 province will get used to market demand further, develop meal of in a popular style energetically; Continue to promote a business energy-saving fall bad news, raise economic benefits; Make meal industry brand hard, extend culture of rash food food and drink actively; Advance an industry to upgrade development, promote the change of traditional meal job to contemporary meal course of study; Capture Beijing Olympic Games to hold good luck, accompanying giant " travel flows " , popularize me to save brand of meal course of study further. Additional, I save meal bound to will still be held this year a series of cooking technology competition and food festival, stimulative meal course of study strengthens management, perfect a service, raise a level, increase benefit, good develop quickly again.

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