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Person of Spring Festival Henan spends the growth such as 12 billion meal 28%
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The reporter understands from hall of province business affairs, this year during the Spring Festival, henan saves social consumable total volume of retail sales to amount to 12 billion yuan, grow 26% compared to the same period, lodge among them turnover of meal course of study 2.3 billion yuan, grow 28% .

According to Zhengzhou, Luoyang, unseal, anxious make, 7 city of 3 Nanyang, Xu Chang, gorge statistic of 36 large and retail businesses, sale achieves during the festival 260 million yuan, relatively the corresponding period grew 30.7% last year, prep above saves 4.7 percent completely. According to unsealing, the statistic of enterprise of 24 meal of 7 city such as Luoyang, turnover finishs 6.264 million yuan during the festival, grow 19.4% compared to the same period.

From consumption content looks, people pays attention to life character and life grade more. Eating side, pay attention to nutrition, health more, green accepts favour without food of social effects of pollution, vegetable, fruit, low adipose, high protein is refrigerant sea product loves.

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